Public Black Hole Email Service

Welcome to Poistaa

Poistaa is a free service that allows automatically discarding your emails for instant. Emails will be received and deleted automatically. Just send any email to and it will be automatically discarded. No mess, no registration and no overloaded Inbox.

Please spread a word about Poistaa. Anyone can use this free service.


Use Any Email Address (Anything means anything)

You can use, for example:,,,, etc. The only limit is your imagination.


Discard (Accept & Ignore)

In Finnish, poistaa means delete. Poistaa will receive all the emails and silently delete the emails. Every single email will be discarded. Poof!


No Registration (No Need Troublesome Registration)

Every possible email address is available for you (and everyone else) to use, without any registration.


Freely Use (Free To Use)

No need to pay to use Poistaa. Use it at your convenience for free. Since the entire features of this free discard service are available for free, there is no harm giving it a try and explore the features for yourself.

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DNS hosting by 1984 Hosting, website hosting by Gitlab Pages, and email service for Poistaa by Geek Storage.

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Poistaa always tries its best so that this discard email service is always available at any time.

Made with by Wufuquan as a project and use it on daily basis. Support us by Paypal.